The Kiss

I asked,
she smiled, we kissed.
I closed my eyes, in shyness,
when really I wanted to see,
deep into her soul.

To feel what she was feeling,
was impossible, but so desired.
In that moment,
was still not enough.


Across the platform
I met her eye.
She paused, looked, lingered.
That second became elastic,
myriad questions, possibilities,
then she looked away.


She held me,
really held me.
Wanted to, needed to.
A timeless, ageless, beautiful feeling;
baby, child, teen, man, old man.
Then I let go and slowly,
with tears, she knew I was gone.


We lay together,
I remember
how, in my arms
she felt, breathed,
drifted, then slept.

I lay awake,
and held her
until sleep took me too.


Alone I can be,
loneliness I can’t bear.
I have been lonely; up close,
yet so alone.
Wanted, but in truth,
wanted gone.

There’s no cure,
because it hurts, indelibly.